"Do not go where the path may lead,
Go instead where there is no path,
and leave a trail."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

In that spirit, this is an exceptionally busy period for FranchiseLeads.org Leads in providing new resources for FranchiseLeads.org Consultants. An exciting step in the formation of a new lead provider took place earlier this year when we launched FranchiseLeads.org Leads, a credible lead provider that will seek out the best leads available at a reasonable price.

Among our several vendors across multiple domains, we are also using additional avenues to ensure that valuable resources are available to FranchiseLeads.org Consultants.

For Our Members

We bring you franchise seeker leads, at a fixed cost and from the areas of the country that you want to work.

Spend more time working with your clients and less time trying to generate quality leads.



"I have been a FranchiseLeads.org Consultant for 3 years and have chosen to continue with the FranchiseLeads.org Lead Program as my only lead source. There have been many times when other FranchiseLeads.org Consultants have told me about their latest and greatest alternate lead source only to find that within a few months they are either back with the FranchiseLeads.org lead program or searching for yet another source."

- Michael L.

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