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  • Control Your Lead Cost. Your leads are a fixed price, which makes it easier to manage your marketing budget.
  • Real-Time Delivery. Leads generated from our marketing efforts are sent to our database and immediately forwarded to you "fresh", in real time.
  • Reduced Risk. You don't have to take the risk of running a costly, ineffective Internet ad. Let our experienced Internet marketers take the risk for you! Our ads attract quality franchise seekers from all walks of life.
  • Choose the parts of the country where you want to work. You can choose from 5 specific lead zones throughout North America. We filter out all leads that are outside the US and Canada.
  • Easy Lead Tracking. Each lead that you receive will be numbered and easy to track. So you'll know exactly how many leads you have left in your lead bank.
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About FranchiseLeads.org

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FranchiseLeads.org is your single source to gain access to franchise buyers from over 25 different franchise portals. Until now, there has been no single lead source to reach such a wide cross section of qualified franchise seekers.

FranchiseLeads.org is knowledgeable in all aspects of the franchise brokerage business and have leveraged our long-term relationships and resources to bring you quality leads on a consistent basis.

Our leads are companies advertising their franchise with customized campaigns to hone their content until it produces the best results possible. We have established unprecedented relationships with both the franchise advertising portals and our clients, bringing a unique perspective to advertising campaign management and ad mechanics.

For Our Members

We bring you franchise seeker leads, at a fixed cost and from the areas of the country that you want to work.

Spend more time working with your clients and less time trying to generate quality leads.


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